John Henry Abbott ~ Pvt., US Army, WWI

Dottry George Brewer {1} ~ Tec 5, US Army, WWII

Frederick Emert {3} ~ Pennsylvania, PVT Continental Line, Revolutionary War

William Brazelton Emert {3} ~ Corporal, Co. H, 9th TENN CAV., Union Army

Harvey S. Harden ~ CO B, 2ND TENN CAV

James E. Headrick ~ PFC, HQ Co 332 Infantry, WWI

Richard S. Shields {2} ~ IND, War Of 1812

Robert Shields {2} ~ PVT., IND Militia, War Of 1812

Robert Shields, Jr. {2} ~ PVT., Francis Langs Co., Revolutionary War

James Venice Stalans {1 ~ PFC, Co. F 142nd INF

{1} Photo copyright © and submission by Paula Franklin.
{2} Photo copyright © and submission by Denise Murphy.
{3} Photo copyright © and submission by Randy Emert.

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