Sevier County, Tennessee

"M" Marriages By Bride

Asa Ellen Marshall31 Oct 1920Ben Wilson Fox
Cora Bertha Marshall15 Oct 1922Edward C. Roberts
Eula Elizabeth Marshall21 Jun 1925Riley M. Price
Flora Jane Marshall28 Apr 1907James Cleve Seaton
Jemina Alice Marshall06 Jun 1909Spence V. Lawson
Mary Maude Marshall26 Dec 1920George N. Fox
Rebecca Alma Marshall {2}05 Apr 1894Thomas Martin Trevena
Hettie Elizabeth Mattox {1} {2}24 Jan 1871William Bates Emert
Dollie Mize {5}09 Feb 1889Caleb Green
Julia H. Murphy26 Nov 1905Isaac Newton Helton
Bessie Myers {2}29 Oct 1931Lon Brewer
A. Amanda Myrick {4}14 Jan 1877Ralph P. Hogue

"M" Marriages By Groom

Andrew Manis {3}07 Aug 1891Nancy McMahan
Halleck M. Maples {2}04 Aug 1883Barbara Tabitha Trotter
Henry Fulton Marshall27 Dec 1925Lee M. Connatser

{1} Submitted by Randy Emert.
{2} Submitted by Paula Franklin.
{3} Submitted by Jack Manis.
{4} Submitted by Lee Shaw.
{5} Submitted by Robin Lee.

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