Sevier County, Tennessee

"C" Marriages By Bride

Minnie Josephine Clabo01 Jan 1916Charles Huskey
Sarah Alice Clabo20 Oct 1904Andrew W. Hatcher
Viola Florence Clabo30 Mar 1911J. Newt Lawson
Lee M. Connatser27 Dec 1925Henry Fulton Marshall
Emma Cooper {2}19 Nov 1900William Green

"C" Marriages By Groom

Archie H. Clabo {1}21 Aug 1879Martha Ellen Trevena
William Clabough02 Jan 1898Mary Louise Helton
David Cooper {2}06 Oct 1877Rebecca Green
John A. Cotter11 Apr 1921Rebecca Headrick

{1} Submitted by Paula Franklin.
{2} Submitted by Robin Lee.

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