"B" Female Births

Eliza Ellen Brewer 09 May 1904 Landis Brewer Emma Reagan
Zalla Brewer 08 Mar 1897 Lon Brewer Ella Mary Hannah
Zella Mae Brewer 18 Dec 1909 John Jerry Brewer Ruth Jane Mashburn

"B" Male Births

Samuel Boling 10 Mar 1905 Shade Boling Etta Brewer
William Clifford Boling 21 Dec 1907 Shade Boling Henrietta Brewer
Dottry George Brewer [1] 23 Apr 1921 George Washington Brewer Barbara Alice Trotter
Eddie Ross Brewer 30 Dec 1902 Robert Erwin Brewer Mary Virginia Brewer
Frank James Brewer 27 Mar 1904 John Jerry Brewer Ruth Jane Mashburn
John Elmer Brewer 01 Oct 1889 Roe Doff Brewer Harriett Elizabeth Rose
Oliver Autman Brewer 10 Aug 1890 William Lee Brewer Francis Ann Jenkins
Theodore Roosevelt Brewer 11 Jan 1908 James Calaway Brewer Susie McGill
Thomas Dewey Brewer 24 Oct 1901 Will Brewer Frances Jenkins

[1] Submitted by Paula Franklin.

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